Monday, June 2, 2008


Somehow we missed this one until just now! See, Nikki looks a whole lot like Lindsay Lohan. If it is at all intentional - its truly brilliant.

No one knows if the Lindsay Lohan rumors are true, yet. (UPDATE: They are!) It has certainly started an interesting discussion here.

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Anna said...

Hi, just came across this and thought I'd give my 2 cents :) I completely agree with you and there a few other things I have noticed too. Angela Robinson who directed several Niki-heavy episodes in Season 6 also directed Lohan in Herbie in 2004 (at the prime of her fame and when the 'straight' image by her PR team would be pushed). In an interview with Kate French she called Niki 'a young Hollywood lesbian whose in the closet and struggling with whether or not to come out cause she wants to keep up with the Hollywood image' and that it was interesting playing someone whose 'in the tabloids every day' and that unlike Niki she 'doesn't like to go out in Hollywood much' everyone knows how Lindsay was with THAT. And check this, Kate French is from Long Island...Lindsay's from Long Island...Kate French is of Irish-Italian is Lindsay lol that's freaky. I'm not into labelling people but it crossed my mind that maybe, on discovering that she is gay, they decided that because of the internet and the pace of Hollywood gossip now the easiest way to keep her in the closet and with a hetro image is to in a way, hyper-hetrosexualize her image, pretty much, make her out to be a slut, better than her being known as gay, right? Then if the truth ever came out, no one would buy it. To me it seems she was a heavy duty bearder. Is it just me or is it a little more than just plain coincedence that whenever there were gay whispers last year a few weeks after they had surfaced an 'ex-bf' suddenly just decided to go and tell a tabloid a salacious story about her sexual prowess? Sounds more like a smart PR move to me, and it worked well to begin with, soon it became sort of transparent but it shut up gay rumors very quickly. January this year, that was just sad. Did you see the pics of her humping that guy in front of photogs? There were whispers about she and Sam at the time. But when she came out on the radio? Absolutely AWESOME, girls got guts you have to give her that. How long have you been going out (with Samantha her gf)? A very long time. *Her publicist hours later* No no no, she admitted to them being FRIENDS a long time. It's the long time bit she had a problem with, to her she probably saw it as Lindsay basically admitting that those guys were beards really considering its pretty obvious Lindsay and Sam were a couple when she had her first DUI and they had that fight. I understand that many in the LGBT community may be hesitant because of her past troubles, but I think she has shown immense bravery and has been true to herself and her girl despite opposition from her PR people (and her dad) and for that she should be commended. I was flicking through a teen magazine (I'm from Australia) the other day and they called them the 'Out and Proud' couple of 2008. It is the first time I have ever seen a teen magazine (teen magazines are SO hetronormative it's truly disgusting) recognize a same sex relationship and it not be a 'Real life stories: my mum is gay' article. On the one hand it's good because it provides a little visibility but at the same time, real-life stories in magazines are meant to be unusual or different and so at the same time it's not a good thing. Sorry this is very long. I'm a very analytical person.